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Personal AccuFit
Accufit Caliper
AccuFit Coach
AccuFit Professional
AccuFit Designer
AccuFit Production

Personal AccuFit  Version 2.4.2 now available with new licensing options and pricing starting at $29.95! 

A personal version of AccuFit for you and up to 5 of your friends. Provides greater comfort and efficiency than any other fitting system available at a price that you can afford.

Accufit Caliper  Now Shipping

A precision caliper for the professional bike fitter. Compact, accurate and easy to use. A good addition to your bike shop or fitting studio.

AccuFit Coach  Version 2.4.0  now available with annual licensing!


A complete set of tools designed for the professional coach or bike fitter. Includes the ACCUFIT sizing system with extensive customizable data tracking capabilities and multiple bike setup tracking per rider. Can now be licensed on an annual basis, providing lower startup costs.

AccuFit Professional  Version 2.4.0 Now available!

ACCUFIT designed for the Professional Bike Shop to aid in fitting and selecting the proper bicycle for each customer. Includes Inventory search and bike setup at a price you can afford.

AccuFit Designer  Version 2.4.0 now available with annual licensing!

ACCUFIT sizing technology integrated with a complete set of frame design tools for the custom frame builder. Can now be licensed on an annual basis, providing lower startup costs. Now with additional dimensions for TIG welded or filet brazed construction.

AccuFit Production Design Suite 

A complete set of bicycle design tools for production bicycle design. Including ACCUFIT and the ACCUFIT Anatomical Database. The Production Design Suite is custom designed to meet your requirements. 

AccuTrax  Free service available online

The bicycle handling characteristics analysis and rating system.

The History of AccuFit



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Last modified: July 09, 2014