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A complete set of tools designed for the professional frame builder.  Make sure that you will not only be providing a one of a kind work of art, but also the best fit possible. 

AccuFit Designer includes the AccuFit sizing system fully integrated with a suite of frame design tools including steering geometry design based on the AccuTrax handling characteristics analysis and rating system for predictable handling on every frame that you build.

Key Benefits

bulletExtensive customer data tracking capabilities tailored to suit your needs.
bulletMultiple body measuring systems, Accufit Caliper available for professional users.
bulletCrank length recommendations.
bulletBottom bracket height based on crank length and type of event.
bulletPedal and shoe height allowances.
bulletSeat tube angle recommendation based on crank length and desired crank RPM's.
bulletTop tube length based on back flexibility, ground clearance, crank length, seat tube angle, stem length and height.
bulletComputer generated representation of rider placement on the bike.
bulletBike setup information using existing frame dimensions.
bulletQuick bike and fitting stand setup using FitStik.
bulletUnlimited customer anatomical database.  Can be integrated with your existing customer database.
bulletEliminates time consuming manual or CAD drawing of your designs. Start building in minutes, not hours.
bulletUpdateable database of components and their dimensions for selection from menus:
bulletFork Crowns
bulletWheel  & Rim Dimensions
bulletBrake Dimensions
bulletMultiple licensing options.
bullet Permanent Licensing.
bulletAnnual Licensing.
bulletLow startup cost.
bulletNo upgrade charges.
bulletAllows better control over expenses.
bulletDatabase backup utilities.
bulletComplete set of reports including:
bulletInput data (basic frame dimensions)
bulletHardware selections (lugs, fork crown, brakes, wheels etc.)
bulletCut length and miter angles for all tubes
bulletFixture setup data
bulletCustomer data including toe clip clearance
bulletUnequal wheel sizes.
bulletNon horizontal top tubes.
bulletTube mitering and fixture setup dimensions for either lugged or lug-less construction.
bulletInput and output in either metric or imperial.
bulletDatabase storage of frame parameters and additional design data.
bulletAngular outputs in either decimal degrees or degrees: minutes: seconds.
bulletComplete help files
bulletQuick Start Tutorial.
bulletMain Help File (contains additional frame design information)
bulletWindows 98 SE, NT, 2000 and XP compatible.
bulletMinimum screen resolution required: 1024 x 768.
bullet19 inch monitor recommended.

The History of Accufit

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Annual License
$275.00 per year

Permanent License

Secure Credit Card payments accepted through PayPal


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Last modified: July 09, 2014