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Personal Accufit User,

Thank you for your continued support. Please take a couple of minutes to answer the questions below. Your opinion is important to me and this information will allow me to make further improvements to Personal Accufit that will benefit you and other bike riders.

Bill Boston

Has Personal Accufit helped you to achieve a better fit on your current bike?

Yes    No

Have you used Personal Accufit to help you purchase a new bike?

Yes    No

Have you used Personal Accufit for people other than your self?

Yes    No

How easy was it to learn to use Personal Accufit?

Easy    Some Difficulty    Difficult

Did the Help Files contain sufficient information?

Yes    No

Was price an important factor in your decision to purchase Personal Accufit?

Yes    No

Would you recommend Personal Accufit to a friend?

Yes    No    Not Sure

Have you recommended Personal Accufit to others?

Yes    No    Not Yet

Please supply any general comments about Personal Accufit that you think I may find useful.

Would you like to supply a quote to appear on a user comment page in the future?

If so, please also include your name as you want it to appear as well as city, state or country. Please also include your email address below for quote confirmation.

Please provide the following contact information:

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Last Name


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Last modified: July 09, 2014