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The first time that Accufit Professional runs, you will be presented with a series of forms that should be completed to customize the program for your use. Because some of the setup data is critical to the operation of the program, some of these forms have been populated with my data. Please take the time to complete this data after you have finished reviewing the tutorial.

Below is the first of four setup forms. The Shop Data form contains information about your business that is used to customize the main screen as well as to complete printed forms and reports. You may customize the main form by supplying the name of your logo file in the space provided and it will replace the text "Your Logo Here".

It is important to note that with this release of Accufit Professional, the default measuring method is Accufit Links. This method can be used with either the Accufit Caliper or by taking manual measurements. You will need to set the Top of Fit Seat Height on this form before taking any measurements. This new method eliminates the inconsistencies associated with using crotch height in the measuring system to derive body dimensions.

Employee Data



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Last modified: July 09, 2014