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Why should you as the owner of a bike shop offer and give high priority to making sure that every bike that you sell provides the best fit possible for your customers?

The answer is actually quite simple…You want to stay in business and make a profit. The best way to accomplish this is to make sure that everyone that buys a bike at your shop, from beginner to Professional Racer receives the best fit. A beginning rider that comes into your shop looking for their first bike is likely to be most interested in price. A cheap bike can be had at K Mart, so how do you distinguish yourself? Sell FIT!

A customer that leaves your shop with a bike that doesn’t fit well will not be a repeat customer. In fact, it is likely that after a couple of weeks, they will decide that bicycling is not as much fun as they thought it would be and the bike will live out the remainder of its days in some dark corner of the garage or basement until it finds a new owner in a yard sale. You get no repeat business, nor do you get any referrals because they have not become bicyclist.

On the other hand, a customer that leaves your shop with a bike that fits properly, is comfortable and lets them ride efficiently is likely to continue to ride. These bike riders are more likely to return to the shop that has already proven that they have the riders’ best interests at heart when it is time to upgrade to a better bike or upgrade their components. They are also more likely to recommend your shop to a friend when asked, “Where should I go to buy a bike?”



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