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Version 2.4.2 now available with easier to use and expanded bike setup information. New Licensing and Pricing options. New easier to use body measuring system provides increased accuracy without the need for measuring crotch height.


Don't guess or pay someone else to guess at the best fit for your bike. AccuFit technology provides the most accurate  bike fit possible by computer modeling your measurements and establishing the correct relationships between you and your bike. Provides greater comfort and efficiency than any other fitting system available.

Personal AccuFit gives you the information you need to select the proper stem and seat post for your existing bike or find the best fit when shopping for that new bike and insure that it is adjusted correctly when you bring it home. 

Personal AccuFit will pay for itself many times over by eliminating costly component purchases using the buy and try method of bike fitting.

And...You can share it with up to 5 friends or family members depending on the licensing option that you choose. All for less than the cost of most fittings.

Key Benefits

bulletMultiple body measuring systems.
bulletNew Accufit Links measuring system.
bulletIncreased Accuracy and repeatability.
bulletCrotch height measurement no longer necessary.
bulletCrank length recommendations.
bulletPedal / Shoe Stack Height.
bulletBottom bracket height based on crank length and type of event.
bulletSeat tube angle recommendation based on crank length and desired crank RPM's.
bulletSaddle Height recommendation including adjustment for pedal / shoe stack height.
bulletTop tube length based on back flexibility, ground clearance, crank length, seat tube angle, stem length and height.
bulletComputer generated representation of your placement on the bike.
bulletBike setup information using existing frame dimensions.
bulletQuick bike setup using FitStik.
bulletStores anatomical measurements for two, four or six riders.
bulletUnlimited bike setup recommendations.
bullet Saddle placement instructions for your new or existing bike.
bullet Stem height and length recommendations for your new or existing bikes.
bulletWindows 98 SE, NT, 2000 and XP compatible.
bulletFree upgrades for one year from date of purchase.
bulletVersion 2.4.0 Now Available.
bulletComing Soon....
    Crank animation
    Alternate hand positions
    Tandem setup and graphics

The History Of AccuFit

See the Personal AccuFit Demo Now!

With the release of Personal Accufit 2.4.0 there have been some major changes. There is no longer a 14 day evaluation period. Personal Accufit now operates in Demo Mode until it is registered. Demo mode allows you to explore the full functionality of Personal Accufit prior to licensing using the included data set. Personal Accufit will not accept additional anatomical data until registered. This has allowed us to provide you with multiple licensing options as outlined below as well as the associated pricing for each option. 

Download Version 2.4.2

Use the form below to request a CD if you are experiencing difficulty with the download.


Up to 2 Riders 
$29.95 US

Up to 4 Riders
$55.00 US

Up to 6 Riders
$80.00 US 

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Last modified: July 09, 2014