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This form is provided so that you can customize the inventory search features for your shop,

Inventory Search Table

There are 5 tables currently available. The table that is set as the default table is pre-populated with a sample of data for bikes that are currently available to your shop. You can either retain this data and add additional bikes to that database or use any of the other databases after you have populated them.

Stem Length Range

This is the range of stem lengths that you have in stock or are available to you. This range is used by the search engine to determine if the top tube length is in a range that can be adjusted for your customer.

Top Tube Height Range

This is used to set the search range relative to the recommended top tube height provided by Accufit. It is safe to exceed the recommended top tube height by at least the thickness of the shoe. Top tube clearance should be confirmed by the customer. The distance below the recommended top tube height is a good starting point. Additional clearance can be added to accommodate bikes with sloping top tubes.

Search Inventory Sort Order

This can be set to reorder the output of the search engine by Brand, Size or Price. The default is set to Brand.

Inventory Management



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Last modified: July 09, 2014